Toy Collectors Wanted!

Toy Collectors, welcome to Doorwarmers.

This site is dedicated to you, and to the toys you enjoy collecting.

As we continue to expand, you’ll find that we offer a number of features and services you can take advantage of.

Here, you can:

– meet fellow toy collectors

– share your stories

– find additions for your collection

– offer additions for other people’s collections

– keep up-to-date on toy shows and toy auctions

– and lots more.

And for those who choose to join Doorwarmers, we have some really great plans for you…

You may notice that we at Doorwarmers love diecast toys–especially diecast toy cars. In fact, that’s where we came up with the idea to create a toy collector forum. We wanted a place to meet and share our collecting experiences with other people who enjoy and appreciate collecting.

But at this site, there’s no special “type” of requirement, when it comes to what you like. All collectors are welcome and wanted here. This is a toy collector club for everyone.

From brand new items to classic toys, you’ll find something of interest in our pages. Not everyone loves vintage toys, and we kept this in mind when we created this site. This is a collector’s club where you can stick with what you love, or mingle and check out what collectibles others are interested in. You just might find that something outside your usual collection catches your eye.

Now, for those of you who wonder what in the world “Doorwarmers” has to do with toy collecting, let’s touch on that.

As you know, collecting toys can be pretty competitive sometimes. And if you’re shopping for toys at a store, often times, someone else has been there before you got there, which means you leave empty handed.

Some people use the word “Doorwarmer” to refer to a person who shows up at a store early in the morning, before the doors open, in hopes of having the first shot at whatever new stock was put on the shelves during the night.

And in some cases, the definition might be expanded to include collectors who visit stores at odd hours–especially the stores that are open 24 hours–hoping to get first pick of the new stock as it’s put on the shelf.

There are differing opinions among toy collectors as to whether being a Doorwarmer is a good, bad or neutral thing.

For us, sometimes our opinion depends on whether or not we were the toy collectors who got there first.


We’ll leave it up to you to decide what that word means to you, and why.

Meanwhile, let’s have some fun with it!