Toy Collectors Price Guides

Toys & Prices 2011:
Justin Moen offers the 18th edition of this comprehensive toy collectors price guide to identification and pricing information on post-World War II toys. Included are action figures, Barbie, Fisher-Price, G.I. Joe, PEZ, Robots, lunch boxes, Fisher-Price toys and much more.

Collecting Toys – Identification and Value Guide:
Now in its ninth edition, this price guide covers a broad range of collectibles, including vintage and antique toys. The author is a lifelong toy collector, and she’s written and edited a number of toy price guides.

Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book:
This guide features over 24,000 items with checklist-style listings, over 12,000 color photos, and the latest estimated values for collectibles related to the Star Wars saga. Does not include toys–the collectible Star Wars toys category now comprises its own book. This guide includes relatively obscure items; such as window clings, advertising, squeaky toys and kitchenware.

Hot Wheels Price Guide 1968-1996:
Featuring price guidelines for Hot Wheels cars first produced from 1968 through 1996, this sixth edition of Tomart’s Hot Wheels guide is a must-have for serious collectors and vendors of these die cast cars. Includes the history of Hot Wheels, and an easy-to-use guide to identifying the tires, rims, and markings found on Hot Wheels wheel designs. Although values fluctuate, this guide was created by compiling valuations from more than 30 collectors and dealers for each Hot Wheels vehicle by grade category to provide the most accurate information at the time of publication.

Hot Wheels Price Guide 1997-2008:
Another must-have for serious collectors and vendors of these well-loved collectibles. In its sixth edition, this guide provides Hot Wheels values and gives great information related to first edition castings introduced from 1997-2008. Also features special series items; such as Zowies, Sizzlers, Rrrumblers, Crack-Ups, Farbs, and many more.

The Elite Redline Guide
Hot Wheels Prototypes
Hot Wheels Redlines Price Guide
Hot Wheels Variations – The Ultimate Guide

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