Toy Cars – Ralph Lauren Style

Toy cars are always in style, and who better to prove it than elite designer Ralph Lauren?

As writer Jonathan Welsh reports, a portion of Ralph Lauren’s car collection could be yours–in 1/8th scale–if you have a few extra thousand to spend.

Hey, we can dream!

Here’s a look at the Wall Street Journal’s news on the designer’s die cast replicas. (You can view the full article here.)


Ralph Lauren’s Cars Are For Sale

By Jonathan Welsh

Many serious car enthusiasts dream about amassing collections of the most significant cars, and dreaming is as far as it goes for most folks. Then there are collectors like longtime fashion powerhouse Ralph Lauren, whose cars have been displayed at the Louvre.

How many people have wished they had a collection like his, which is easily worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Even a few of those cars would be nice to own, and now four of them can be yours – in 1/8th scale.

Ralph Lauren Home is introducing a series of four model cars for the Holiday season. They represent some of the best-known machines in the designer’s award-winning collection: the Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic Coupe, McLaren F1 LM, Ferrari 250 GTO and Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. The cars will be available online and in stores. A company spokeswoman calls the models “the perfect luxe gifts for any car enthusiast.”

The price:$9,500 each.

That’s right – these are not the die cast, toy-store car models that nearly car nuts have on their desks or bookshelves. To make sure the models are accurate stand-ins for the real things, the manufacturer digitally scanned each one to get all the details. The company says this technology makes the models accurate to one tenth of a millimeter over the length of the car.

Building each model takes about 3,000 hours of work by a small team of skilled model makers — about the same amount of time required for the frame-off restoration of a full-size classic car.

Please, if you decide to pick up one of these designer die cast cars, let us know!