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A Feast of Diecast Cars – The Kmart Collector Day Event

2013 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt

Hot Wheels collectors Kmart Collector Day February 2013 –

For nearly 10 years, Mattel and Kmart have teamed up to celebrate diecast car collectors and the toy cars they love at the Kmart Collector Day Event. (To see video of an actual Collector Day Event, click here.) This event, which is usually held a few times each year, generally uses a raffle-style system to determine which participants will be given the opportunity to open a sealed 36-count case of Hot Wheels. Each participating Kmart is allotted a certain number of master cases for use at the event, with each master case containing 4 of the 36-count cases.

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Old Toy Trucks, Weapons and Whippings

So many of us have memories involving toy cars and old toy trucks from our childhood…which ones we loved best…how we “customized” our diecast cars with hammers, colored markers and other makeshift customizing tools…and how we took a beating on account of what we did–or did not do–with our toys…

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Finding Toys for Collectors

There are lots of approaches to finding toys for collectors.

Thanks to the internet, we now have access to toy auctions and online toy stores and shops. The net also opens doors to an online community for collectors of pretty much any toy imaginable. There are buyers, sellers and traders for nearly anything we seek to find or sell.

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